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Name: Darrelin Molath; Darrelin ve Lara of the line of Molath
From: Monthly Dragon Exchange, drawn by Silver Midnight at the Ring of Fire
Candidate At: ?
Species: Mountain Kien
Homeworld: Kien-Valminar, associated with the Ring of Fire
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Height: 16'4" at the shoulder, 20'8" at the head; 6'0" human form
Color: Gray
Hair: Gray
Skin: Dark brown
Eyes: Golden brown
Residence: Mountains of Kien-Valminar
Position: Hunter and guardian of the border
Description: Like one would expect for a dragon who lives in the high, cold parts of the world, Darrelin is large, heavy-set, and thickly furred. His fur is silvery gray, and despite its shaggy appearance, catches the light well. At shoulders, crown, and wing-wrists he has patches of large, gently ribbed scales in grass green, extending like leaves or feathers over his fur and made for collecting and storing heat. His tail is a little short, for most dragons, but is quite normal for his species, with a slight tuft at the end. Brown, ram-like horns curl around under his jaw, growing from behind ears tufted with long, stiff strands of black fur. His eyes are a pleasant, golden brown, like warm honey.

In human form, he is a big, burly man, heavyset and with a soft, slightly rounded appearance, which might make him seem pudgy but which disguises a truly powerful body. His hair, a thick and wild mane around his face and just brushing his shoulders, is the same silvery-gray as his fur, and his skin takes on the dark brown shade of his horns. Though his face is as round as the rest of him, there is strength implicit in the shape of his jaw and the heavy brows. His eyes remain the same honey brown.

Personality: A true child of the mountains, Darrelin is patient and calm-- insanely patient, in fact. He was the kind of child who would sit silent and still for hours on end until birds fed from his paw, and he grew into the kind of hunter who will sit silently for hours on end for his prey comes right where he wants it. As an optimist, as well, he is extremely patient when it comes to anything else, as well, be it winning someone's trust or changing their mind. In this way-- also like a true child of the mountains-- he be very stubborn, just in a friendly manner rather than an openly obstinate manner. Even so, this can still be quite annoying when one thinks he is wrong!

As a hunter and border guardian for the small collection of families which makes up his lose tribe, Darrelin lives on the outskirts of tribal territory. He generally keeps to himself, introverted and taciturn-- but not unfriendly. He is actually very kind, the type to do whatever is needed for anyone who comes peacefully into his territory, without even needing to be asked; he just doesn't talk much and doesn't often know what to say, even if he wanted to talk. This can, at times, be taken to an extreme: not only will he be willing and available to help, he can be very protective when he takes someone under his wing.

History: Coming soon....
Abilities: As a Kien dragon, Darrelin can shape-shift into a human form. He can use some simple Earth magic, used mainly in tracking, pinpointing location, and identifying plants, though he is also capable of setting ward and warning spells with it. Finally, he can sculpt metal with magic, though this is mostly just used as a hobby. 
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