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Given Name: Zealot
From: Trade image by Silver Midnight at the Ring of Fire
Candidate At: ?
Species: Dapheran dragon
Homeworld: Kien-Valminar, associated with the Ring of Fire
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Height: 6'9" bipedal
Color: Olive green with heavy, steel gray mottling
Horns: Black and steel
Eyes: Yellow
Residence: Travels with a Fantasan carnival group
Position: Carnival performer, contortionist
Description: Most people haven't seen a creature quite like Zealot before. Though he isn't the only one of his species, Dapherans are a small, disparate, and widely varied race, and few are quite as-- er, different as he is. He isn't attractive in any way, and in many ways he's simply ugly. He has four eyes, all a reptilian gold, and snaggled, yellow teeth in an underbit jaw. His fingers and toes are blunt, with thick, equally blunt, almost hoof-like claws. Clusters of spikes jut out from his head, knees, and chin, the latter looking like a short beard except of thick, steel-colored spines. His wings, small and useless to begin with, are ragged and torn, whether by malicious intent or by nature. Even his coloring isn't particularly attractive: a muddy olive green, mottled heavily around his spine with steel gray. 
Personality: Zealot is, to say the least, quirky. He can be bitter and cynical, and has a positively cruel sense of humor-- though one that manages to get a lot of laughs, anyway-- but at the same time he'll go through fire and flood to protect a child or rescue someone's beloved pet. When he gets something in his head, he keeps to it in a quietly stubborn fashion, and can be extraordinarily devoted when he thinks he has reason to be. He has a strong will and a stronger sense of justice, though it isn't often he actually does anything about injustices except sneer at them. 

Despite having spent much of his life ridiculed and considered a freak, Zealot has a very healthy self-esteem-- he can even come across as arrogant, though that is mostly an act-- and his cynicism isn't so much pessimism as a mocking of other people and how cruel they can be. It takes a lot to put up with him for long periods of time, for even his friends can get the sharp side of his wit if they catch him in a mood to snark. Children are usually the exception, for unless they show themselves to be cruel, he's remarkably patient with them. He also, oddly, loves to tell sing-- he has a remarkable voice, both singing and speaking-- and tell stories-- some true, some not, and usually the difference is impossible to tell. He even seems to enjoy music and art when other people make it. Just because he isn't beautiful, he says, doesn't mean he can't love beautiful things-- though he usually follows it up with why something isn't nearly as beautiful as the creator says it is, just out of spite. 

History: Whatever Zealot's real name might have been-- everyone assumes he had one at some point-- no one who knows him now knows it. No one's entirely sure how old he is, either. He never talks about his family, though he does mention having traveled quite a bit before settling with the carnival, and not because he liked to wander. He's been in many fantastic places-- palaces, courts, rich markets, exotic resorts, anything you can think of-- and usually seen the worst of them all. Though he's quick to tell stories about the places he's been, he rarely mentions just what he was doing there, or what happened to him: they're all about other people, and may or not even be true. The only truth he gives is that he's been there, and can describe it to you. 

Zealot has been with the carnival for almost five years, and he seems to like it well enough. He gets along passably with the bulk of the crew and his fellow sideshow acts, but only counts a few of them as friends, and he does have a couple dire enemies among the others. Still, he's not incited any great duels, and always manages to avoid getting stabbed in the back, so he doesn't worry much about them. 

Abilities: Like most bipeds, Zealot can speak verbally, in a wide variety of languages. He has a variety of low-level psionic skills: fairly simple, send-and-receive form of telepathy; a modicrum of telekinesis; and moderate metabolic psionics, such as mild regeneration and very mild self-altering abilities. However, he doesn't seem to have any magic to speak of. If being double jointed in most of his joints counts as an ability, though... well, he's got that. He's also extremely flexible, something he's trained himself hard in. 
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Fantasan and Kien dragons are the creative property of Silver Midnight

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