"I'd hit that. With my eyes closed, even."



Name: Diniakos Petedel (Dina for short)
From: Gift image by Silver Midnight at the Ring of Fire
Candidate At: ?
Species: Vatkari dragon
Homeworld: Kien-Valminar, associated with the Ring of Fire
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Height: 16'7" at the shoulder
Color: Brown with silver runic markings
Horns: Silver
Membranes: Green gradient
Eyes: Gray
Residence: Travels with a Fantasan-Kien carnival group
Position: Blindfolded target-shooting (archery, throwing axes, darts, pastries... rotten fruit....)
Description: In her natural form, Diniakos-- or Dina for short-- is a dragon with both feline and bat-like traits, one of the wyvern-like vatkari race of Fantasans. Her wings work best for gliding, being extensions of her wrists rather than separate appendages, and her semi-leonine face is studded with spikes and lined with webbing. She is a natural brown color, highlighted with honey in her mane and green in her membranes. Somewhat unusual for Diniakos, which sometimes-- in addition to her rather odd nature-- leads people to wonder about Dysiniu heritage somewhere in her past, the brown is decorated with silver swirls and loops that descend into the ruff at her hips and down her tail. 

Diniakos is also a very good shape-shifter, though she only has one other form, a mostly human looking one which still retains vestigial wing-spars on her wrists and a few of her many spikes in various places, not to mention her coloring. She can also use an in-between form, very much like an anthropomorphic version of her dragon form, but she really does prefer her two full changes. 

Personality: Diniakos is one of the friendlier, more cheerful members of the traveling circus, always ready with a smile or a chuckle, a firm handshake (or paw-shake) or even a hug. She isn't a goofy kind of cheerful, or a silly kind of cheerful; silly and goofy simply don't apply to her. Instead, she is a refined and elegant kind of amiable, with the bearing of a real lady-- odd for a sideshow archer, perhaps, but fitting for her character and personality nonetheless. There is an air of dreaminess about her at times, however, and she can make the oddest connections between things and people, connections no one else would ever make and would probably look at her funny for, and often makes comments no one really understands and certainly didn't expect. She's a little strange, despite the noble demeanor, but no one seems to hold it against her because she's dependable and kind. 
History: Coming soon....
Abilities: Echolocation (strong), Earth magic (weak), Spirit magic (moderate), Spirit-walking (very weak), Verbal Speech, Shapeshifting: humanoid (fairly strong)
Theme: ?


Diniakos' Story



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