"Not everyone can afford to be peaceful."



Name: Amirel (Sky) ve Acariu of the line of Takalisk
Bond: ?
Bonded At: ?
Species: Draclin'geyar
Homeworld: Tselene, associated with the Ring of Fire
Age: Mature adult
Sex: Female
Height: 5'1" human form, 2'1" at the shoulder dragon form
Hair: Blue-tinted black
Skin: Pink-pale
Eyes: Silvered blue
Family: None; all deceased
Residence: Small, hidden draclin village on Tselene
Position: Warrioress and huntress: dragonslayer and humanslayer
Description: Amirel is so deep a blue she appears almost black in darkness. In full light, however, her midnight coat shines blue, with a stripe of black-lined silver running down her back, from nose to tail-tip. Her neck is coated in a frigid lavender, like the sails of her wings. Her eyes, silvery blue touched with violet, are wide and slightly angled above her narrow nose. Despite her small size and usually delicate species, Amirel is reasonably powerfully built and is definitely well muscled from training, and she keeps her horns, spikes, and claws, all silver or steel in color, sharpened and burnished.

In human form, which Amirel takes only when absolutely necessary, Amirel is equally well-muscled, though she is slight of stature and built naturally slender. Her skin is a pink that sunburns, and badly, rather than tanning, and her hair is thick and so black that it's almost blue, worn long but usually pulled back, tucked behind her outward-pointed ears. Her eyes remain the same silvery blue in her strong-boned face.

Personality: Not all draclin can afford to be peaceful on a world that hates and fears dragon-kind, and Amirel is one of those few who take up the mantle of warrior to defend her home. Unlike most of her kind, she isn't particularly peaceful or passive, rather being fierce and protective, always on the lookout for a new and exciting battle. Her territorial nature seems to be multiplied, and she is always ready to leap to the defense of her village. When her village is not in danger, in fact, she gets restless and often goes out in search of danger elsewhere that she can prevent from endangering her home. ..... Hey, at least it's a reason.

At home, Amirel currently has no mate or children, and for the moment, she likes it that way. Maybe someday she'll be happy to settle down, marry, and raise a pup or two, but for now, that would only tie her down and keep her from doing what she needs and loves to do. She has a large number of very casual friends, drawn to her charisma but wary of her temper-- which can be considerable-- and very few close friends. Most of those are draclin older than she is, mentors and teachers rather than peers, and all are those capable of weathering her occasional venting outbursts. She is respected but not always liked, and is something of an iconoclast: most of the pups in the village admire her, but very few actually want to be like her.


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Abilities: Most of Amirel's talents are physical: she is fast, she is strong, and she is agile. She has some basic and crude lightning-based magic, can work some simple protection spells, and can spirit-walk, but that is the extent of her magical abilities. When it comes to psionics, she possesses the basics of telepathy but nothing else. Like all draclin'geyar, she can shape-shift into a human form, which she trains as much as she trains her natural body.


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