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Name: Chemus
Belongs To: Catame Danui
Homeworld: Squall of the Sanctum Dream
Age: Young
Species: Terisae
Sex: Male
Height: 8"
Parents: Vei, father, and Cheihae, mother; Brood #4
Residence: The Avengaean Nidus, apartment A14
Personality: Playful and friendly, Chemus was originally a revenge-gift for Novitas, "punishment" for inflicting the cute but clumsy Woufa on the household. After a day of having to rescue the furniture from not just one but a pair of rambunctious terisen, however, Daynoren graciously-- and with much relief-- bestowed Chemus on his brother, Catame. The creature's charm, affection, and cheerful nature instantly won over both Catame and his dragon Tantra, and he seems to have grown quite attached to them, as well. He seemingly has no fear, boldly approaching anyone and anything in the hopes of a game or petting, and his favorite things to do in the world include chasing a length of ribbon-- or someone's trailing sleeve, if no ribbon is handy-- and cuddling up on somebody's lap. 
Official Stats:

Name: Chemus (CHEH moos)
Sex: Male (XY)
Size: 8", average (Ss)
Headfur: Horselike mane (Hh)
Ears: Long (E1E2)
Eye Colour: Dark hazel (Y3Y6)
Body: Spine-fur present (BB)
Legs: Combo (F3F4)
Tail: Long, fur-tuft (T1T3)
Body Colour: Brown (C1C4)
Body Hue: Light (LL)
Extra Colour: Grey (X1X8)
Extra Hue: Medium (Uu)
Pattern: None (P1P5)
Pattern Colour: Red (R5R6)
Pattern Hue: Dark (AA)

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