Seth Tashet




Name: Seth Tashet, "One who Finds" or "Finder"
From At: Ring of Fire, The Flight of the Dead Clutch
Belonging To: Shoel Devaut
Species: Commissioned Willowwhisp Flitter
Age: Young
Sex: Male
Length: 10"
Fur: Baby blue
Wings: Black, patterned with blue lights
Eyes: Violet
Personality: On the whole, Seth Tashat-- or just Seth, or Finder-- is a curious and friendly little flit, easy-going and always ready for a cuddle he can beg out of anyone who happens to be around. If being cute were an occupation, Seth would probably fill the position quite well. He can be protective if he wants to be, or feels he needs to be, but more often than not he's looking for petting or scraps out of a stranger, rather than wanting to chase them off. He likes Shoel best, of course, and is sensitive to her moodiness, enough to know when she needs a nuzzle or a nip, or when to get someone else to cheer her up. As if aware that Hemlock is the reason he's even in existence-- the necromancer commissioned him as an egg for Shoel's thirtieth birthday-- he rather likes him, as well. Oddly enough, he's also extremely comfortable around her bells, and has been found curled up asleep within Saraneth or Belgaer more than once. 


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