Name: Yost, otherwise known as "that little brat"
From: Ring of Fire, The Flight of the Dead Clutch
Belonging To: Jarvinen Demitris
Species: Willowwhisp Flit
Age: Young
Sex: Female
Length: 7"
Color: Pale orange
Eyes: Violet
Residence: The jungles of Pre'Mian
Personality: Though Jarvinen had hoped to get a fierce little warrior to help protect his home and his person in the place of his usual small corps of undead, he somehow ended up with a sweet little flit who, for no reason anyone can understand and despite his mild disgust, loves him whole-heartedly. Yost is very affectionate, friendly, and forgiving, and she somehow stays relatively cheerful despite her owner's lack of the same, in return.  


Jarvinen's Story



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