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Name: Atrumisge
Bond: Jarvinen Demitris
Bonded At: Ring of Fire, The Flight of the Dead Clutch
Homeworld: Pre'Mian
Species: True Dark-Light Wraith, Duowinged Undead
Ranking: 16 (undead)
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Size: 7'10" tall, 22'9" long
Color: Silver-marked black
Eyes: Wraith gold
Parents: Kageth, father, and Ainchisth, mother
Residence: A manor deep in the jungles of Pre'Mian
Occupation: Second-in-command
Personality: For the most part, Atrumisge is just plain odd. He looks at the world from a different perspective than most people-- though just what that perspective might be, no one really can guess. It is next to impossible to insult him, as he is too easy-going. At the same time, he can be said to be too easy-going: he is callous, apparently oblivious to other people's suffering, and quite outside concerns of morality or right and wrong. At least, we think he is-- for all anyone knows, that is yet another act. However, given the ruthlessness of his bond, anything else would be unlikely. 
Abilities: Intangibility, shadow-melding, shadowmancy, power focus with Jarvinen


Location Chasing Offspring
Star City Dragonry Eshanath None, Lost Flight




Jarvinen's Pre-Hatching Story

The Hatching Story



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