"RAAAAAAAAA-- aaah?"



Name: Fire
Master: Jarvinen Demitris
From: Abstract Destiny's Birthday Bash 2006
Homeworld: Pre'Mian
Species: Dracolich, undead construct
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Size: 12'5" at the shoulder
Color: White-marked brown
Eye glow: Red
Residence: In hiding in the wilds of Pre'Mian
Occupation: Minion
Personality: Jarvinen took even less effort in naming Fire than he did his willowwisp flit Yost. Then again, he views the guardian construct as an undead minion, not even a pet, and doesn't care what he's called other than it's easy to remember and he answers to it. Fire doesn't really have much of a personality, being a dim, stolid, and obedient minion, guarding Jarvinen and his small "family", as it were, loyally. There are even doubts between Atrumisge and Focus as to whether or not the lich is even sentient. 

However, Fire has more personality now than he had when he was first created: he is friendly with Focus, obedient with Jarvinen, and nervously snarly with Atrumisge, rather than simply meekly subservient to them all. It's entirely possible that he will continue to evolve until, at the very least, his sentience is no longer in doubt. Being unable to communicate with words in any way doesn't help, really. 

Abilities: Size-shifting (from 5' to 25' at the shoulder), fire breath, fire control, wingless flight, empathy


Location Chasing Offspring
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Jarvinen's Pre-Hatching Story

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