Harlan's Story


Name: Harlan
Bond: ?
Bonded At: ?
Homeworld: Ancelstierre and the Old Kingdom
Species: Human Clayr
Age: Young adult
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Blonde and soft, straight worn short
Skin: Tanned peach
Eyes: Green
Family: Lots and lots of cousins and aunts, of various distances
Residence: Ring of Fire
Pet: None
Description: Coming soon....
Personality: Friendly, easy-going, and sociable sum Harlan up quite well. He is a largely social person, highly charismatic, quite charming, and capable of making friends easily. Only rarely, however, are those friendships particularly deep; in fact, he comes across, more often than not, as a shallow person, though this isn't exactly the case. It is true that he isn't particularly philosophical, nor is he very intellectual, but he does possess a certain wisdom that comes from being able to see the future, make a difference in the presence, and intuit a lot about the human character. Because he can often easily understand the motives of others, he is next to impossible to anger, quick to forgive, and in general very laid-back.

Harlan is, perhaps, a bit of a romantic, though he has yet to have anything but casual relationships with the opposite sex-- for one thing, he spent most of his life in the Clayr glacier with nothing but a whole horde of cousins to spent his time with! Only the most distant of those cousins were ever interested in him as a romantic partner, and then it was rarely because of his personality, but more because he was the only male around, which simply isn't enough for him. He's had a number of crushes or instances of puppy-love, but the object of his affection never finds out, if he can help it; he has yet to find someone he cares about enough to brave rejection for.

Coming soon....
Abilities: Coming soon....
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Harlan's Story



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